Friday, July 1, 2011

My Favorite Coupons Of The Day (7/1)

Here's the latest rundown of hot coupons that showed up on the radar today. If you had any problems earlier printing from, they have resolved all issues and everything should be working now.

-You'll want to head on over Schick and pick up the hot $3 off coupon they have here. There is going to be a great sale next week on these at Target (which I'll blog about in a few.)

-If you use Dishwasher Magic, they added a .75 off coupon on their FB page here. (Might make for a good buy if your store doubles!)

-If you are firing up the grill this weekend, nab this sweet little $1 off coupon for Nathans on the Specialty Foods Facebook page here!

-Throw in some Wise Chips with those dogs! Click here for a .75 off of 2 bags!

-Wheat Thins has added a nice $1 off of 2 coupon to their Facebook page here.

-Grab a $1 off of 1 Morningstar Farms product here!

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