Friday, September 23, 2011

Check Out Glyde - A New(er) Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell! Score $5.00!

Has anyone used This site looks awesome! They're offering $5.00 off a $5.00 purchase by using code IGOTFIVE. What a great way to score some new tunes, a movie, book, or even an iPod! You need to pay shipping, but it is cheap! Use code SURVEY2011 for $5.00 off another purchase! 

I am incredibly excited to try selling on this site, too! I have loads of electronics, cd's, etc. that will be so much simpler to sell using Glyde rather than other online marketplaces! You can list your item in less than ten seconds; when it sells, they send you an email notification and a pre-stamped, pre-addressed Glyde Mailer! Just drop it in the mail the next day and you're done. Once the buyer receives the item, you get paid. What a simple way to sell! 

Check it out and take $5.00 off your order by clicking the picture or here!

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