Thursday, September 22, 2011

$10.00 Instant Credit/$10.00 Coupon Code = $20.00 for FREE!! Launching October 1!! Hurry!!

Kudzoom is a specialty site offering deals every morning at 8am CST! They specialize in maternity, babies, toddlers, kids, and women. Each 'event' lasts a maximum of three days, but for better selection, shop early!  

They are launching October 1 and they are offering an instant $10.00 credit just for signing up! That's a no-brainer! The site says the offer expires August 31, but it is still working, so click that mouse over here so you don't miss out! Click the picture to sign up! After you sign up, you will also receive a coupon code good for $10.00 off - that's $20.00, for FREE! Merry early Christmas!!

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