Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who Wants Some FREE (NICE) SOCKS!!

Okay, so I have posted this deal site before, but I was just browsing and saw these killer socks on sale! I used to wear the cheap bulk-buy socks, and I still do for everyday wear, but if you or someone you know is active or even for everyday wear, you will love these socks! They are cushioned in all the right places, prevent blisters, keep your feet cool and dry, etc. 

So, right now you can buy two pair of socks and use your instant $10.00 credit; with free shipping, your total will only be $2.90!! Just look at the 'on sale' tab and click on Merrell socks. These socks retail between $16.00 - $19.00! That's $38.00 worth of socks for $2.90 - over 90% savings! You can always use your credit to buy only one pair of socks, making them free!! I missed the part of the disclaimer saying you have to spend a minimum of $50.00 to use your $10.00 credit! But hey, at least you'll have $10.00 to spend later! :) Score the credit by clicking the picture or here, and enjoy your new socks, or anything else you find on the site! :)


  1. how do i get free shipping?

  2. Sorry Anonymous! This post was a total bust! I didn't see the $50.00 minimum to use the $10.00 credit and I was able to get free shipping...not sure why no one else can! I must have something on my account that I'm not aware of. Sorry for the mess up! :)