Thursday, September 22, 2011

UPDATE!! $5.00 Instant Credit! Great Halloween Deal Today - Get $15.00 for $2.00!!

I think I might have missed the boat on this deal site! If this is your first time hearing about it, like me, sign up today, by clicking the picture or here! You get an instant $5.00 credit!! Right now, if you click the Salt Lake City  'National Deelz' tab, you can grab $15.00 for only $7.00 to use at! Translation: if you use your $5.00 credit, you'll score $15.00 toward some spooky garb for only $2.00! 

They might not be in your city just yet, but you can sign up under your city and as soon as they have enough people interested, they will launch! So sign up and then tell your friends! They also have national deals for great online bargains. Sign up, today! for your instant $5.00 credit. 

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